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OtO CrosS ebike:

The new mOto CrosS bike is here,is just cross a

what you were waiting for, the design can remind

your first bike, or with which you learned to ride.

Certainly good times. The Oto CrosS fuses these

memories with new technologies. The result, the

bike of your life made unique and exclusive for

you. This nice and exclusive model incorporates

bluetooth speakers, customizable sides with your

own designs, its  large seat allows you to bring

friends with you.

The right components have been fine-tuned down

to the tiniest detail for increased driving pleasure.

At Oto Cycles we build 100% handmade ebikes.

All our ebikes are homologated under UNE-EN


Perfect for everyday use, comes with front led light,

rear turn signals and brake led light and

side stand. Get attracted and feel a new Sensation.

Choose your favorite colors, tires, saddle, grips…

Ask us for a customization order.

franja blanca

Technical Data

 Type of vehicle Electric Bike
Homologation UNE-EN 15194-2009+A1
Max. speed 25 km/h or 16 mph
Frame Steel & CrMo steel
Brakes Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
Engine Rear Hub Brushless geared
Engine power 250W 36V torque 32 Nm
Battery Lion Samsung cells 26F
Battery Capacity 36V 12 Ah
Range* 25 km/h Versión 70 Km with pedal assistance ( 44 miles )
Display LCD 5 levels with USB connection* & cruise control
Saddle Handmade Leather Oto Cycles
Tires Felt 24″ x 3.0 or Schwalbe Crazy Bob
Weight 24 kg ( 59 lb )
Máximum overal weight 120 kg ( 265 lb )
Dimensions L x H 170x 85 cm


*The specified range of ebikes is measured under optimal conditions and may differ in practice. Influenceable factors are driver weight, biking behaviour, topography, selected biking mode, tyre pressure and weather conditions. The maximum range is only achieved after repeated charging and discharging of the battery.

*Wherever you go you can recharge your devices via USB.


franja blanca



Motor 500W 36V torque 52 Nm and 35 Km/h ( 22 mph )
Motor 1000 W 48 V 12 Ah torque 54 Nm and 45 Km/h ( 28 mph )
Smart* Motor 250w to 1500 w & 24v to 60V Built-in controller bluetooth enabled,mobile App (25 to 45 km/h)
Battery 36V 14Ah Samsung Cells Range 90 km
Battery 36V 17Ah Panasonic Cells Range 125 km
Bluetooth integrated Wireless Speaker ( waterproof )*   2 x 5W 100Hz speaker, support mp3,wav,micro SD, USB charging cable

*Controller built-in motor, connect your phone to the motor via bluetooth and use it as your display. You can also regulate the voltage from 24V to 60V,

and all the parameters as throttle, PAS, regenerative energy, etc..

*Wherever you go be connected over bluetooth in seconds to: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smartphones, tablets…and enjoy your favorite music or calls.


franja blanca

Choose Oto Cycles accessories

We have design our own line of accessories cross b

that fit perfectly with our bikes, handmade in

Barcelona with bicycle inner tubes.

Battery bags, saddle tool bags, rear bags

and more…